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Traditional Tamales

We offer a varitey of Traditional Tamales. Here is a brief list:

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Vegetarian Tamales

We offer a varitey of Traditional Homemade Tamales. Here is a brief list:

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Tamale Ingredients

Our traditional Mexican tamales are made with ingredients purchased from a Mexican Grocery store. We believe they have the best mexican products for making authentic mexican style homemade tamales.

a collection of ingredients that go into a tamale

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"Homemade Tamales" is a small family operated company. We've been selling tamales to our local customers in the East Texas Area for over 6 years.

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We have a variety of tamales to choose from. We have your regular traditioal tamales, vegetarian tamales, and cheese tamales.

Our beef tamales are made with real shredded beet. They are not spicy, instead they have a mild spicy flavor, but they are not spicy hot. We sell them by the dozen. You can add cheeses to your order of beef tamales.

Our chicken tamales are made with shredded chicken, masa, and you can add cheese if you'd like. We sell our chicken tamales by the dozen.

Our cheese tamales are made with real "Mexican White Cheese". When our cheese tamales are cooked the white cheese melts into the tamale masa and it give the tamale a unique and unforgetable flavor.

Our Pork tamales are made with shredded pork, spicy flavored masa, and a secret seasoning. You can pork tamales by the dozen. There is a discount on orders over 5 dozens.

Our vegetarian tamales are cooked with "Vegetable oil", no lard. They are 100% healthy. If you have a special request, send us a message in our contact form.

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