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Buy Authentic Homemade Mexican Tamales

Made by Hispanic Ladies

Each one of our tamales is hand made by hispanic ladies who grew up in the Mexican Culture. Our ladies learned how to make tamales in Mexico at an early age. Now they live in Texas and are sharing their tamale tradition with our customers.

Hot Tamales

Eventhough our tamales have fresh green jalapeno peppers and dried red peppers, they are not hot. What makes a tamale spicy hot is when a chef adds jalapeno or chilli seeds to a tamale. So eventhough we love hot tamales we've removed all the jalapeno seeds from our recipe.

a collection of ingredients that go into a tamale

Shipping Information for Homemade Tamales

Call before picking up your order

Your order of tamales will need to be picked up. If you give us a time when you'll arrive we will have your order of tamales fully cooked, steaming hot, and ready to eat!

About Shipping

We no longer ship tamales to customers. The shipping cost is more than the actual order of tamales and because the tamales can spoil during shipping, we no longer send tamales through the mail.

How much does a dozen of tamales weigh?

One Dozen tamales weighs 2 lbs.