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Mexican Tamales

We offer a varitey of Traditional Mexican Tamales. Here is a brief list:

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Try our Pork Tamals

We make some of the best pork tamales in Texas.
One dozen pork tamales weighs 2 lbs.

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Pork Tamales

Frequently Asked Questions About our Tamales

How do I reheat my tamales

There are serveal ways to reheat your tamales. You can use any of the following methods below:

For detail instructions on how to reheat tamales, using any of the above methods Click here

Do your tamales have any preservatives

No None of our tamales have any chemicals or preservatives. They are made daily as the orders come in. Our hispanic ladies cook with quality ingredient. So no preservatives or chemicals added

Do you cook with lard

Yes All of our meat tamales are made with lard. Our Vegetarian tamales are cooked with "Vegetable Oil" including our Cheese tamales and Cheese/Jalapeno Tamales

Can I order half a dozen tamales

No At this time we only sell our tamales by the dozen. There is a discount on orders over 5 dozen tamales.

Can I freeze My Tamales

Yes Freezing tamales is safe. In fact tamales store very well, which makes them a perfect party food because you can store the tamales before the party. To reheat your tamales after freezing Click here

Where are you located

We are located in Tyler, Texas. Tyler is in the middle of beautifull East Texas. Our Tamales are homemade. For more information about our location Click here

How do I store Tamales

storing your cooked tamales? Just wrap them well and store in refrigerator. Or if you'd like to store them longer, place tamales in a plastic container, then store in freezer. You can store them in the freezer for up to 6 months. To store tamales longer than 6 months, use a vacuum sealer.

How are tamales packaged for delivery

Tamales are packed in a thick-sided cooler with frozen gel pack that keeps them cold during delivery. The tamales have enough frozen gel packs to keep them cool for 3 days. When you receive your package, just place your order in the freezer or refrigerator.

How much does it cost to mail tamales.

We no longer ship tamales outside of the East Texas region. The cost to ship tamales is more than the price of a dozen tamales. If you live in Tyler, Tx, delivery is free.

How much does a dozen of tamales weigh?

One Dozen tamales weighs 2 lbs. To figure the total weight of your packages just multiply the total number of dozens times 2. For help in determining the actual shipping cost visit UPS.com

Do You deliver to Europe

No Not at this moment. But if we have enough demand for our tamales then we'll look into it.