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Tamales in Tyler Texas

We sell homemade tamales in the City of Tyler, Texas. To see a map of our location Click here »

Traditional Tamales

We offer a varitey of Traditional Mexican Tamales. Here is a brief list:

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Our Company

How it began

It all started with our Main Chef, Maria Lourdes Gonzalez. She learned how to make traditional tamales in Guerrero Mexico. Her grandmother showed her how to prepare all the right ingrediants that go into a great tamale. Now she has taken her grandmothers' recipe and perfected it.

"Homemade Tamales" is a small family operated company. We've been selling tamales to our local customers in the East Texas Area for over 10 years.

Where We Are Today

We began taking orders online on December 3, 2008.

Our Chef

Our Chef

Maria Gonzales

If you'd like to send a comment to our chef or make a special tamale request, feel free to send her a message by clicking the button below.