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Mexican Tamales

We offer a varitey of Traditional Mexican Tamales. Here is a brief list:

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Local Tamales

We are located in Tyler, Texas and offer tamales to the local people of East Texas. We no longer ship tamales. The shipping charge is sometimes more expensive than the order of tamales. Are tamales are available for local pick up.

Mexican Style Homemade tamales

We are a local Hispanic family making traditional homemade tamales in the East Texas area. Our tamales are prepared by hispanic ladies using an authentic Mexican recipe.

Why our tamales taste so Great
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We Offer a variety of tamales

Our tamales are made fresh each day. So when you place an order, we immediatly begin to prepair your order for pick up. When you pick up your order, it'll be fully cooked and steaming hot!
We no longer ship tamales. The cost of shipping is more expensive than the actual order. For example, over night shipping of 3 dozen tamales cost around $60 dollars!

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